SCM Sandwich Copper Busduct System


Key features:

  • Safe and reliable: Type tested rigorously by ASTA-UK
  • Simple, compact and maintenance-free sandwich busduct system
  • Low impedance busducts
  • Easy to install

Electrical specifications:

Rated current (In): Available from 400A to 6300A
Rated voltage (Ui): 1kV
Rated impulse withstand voltage (Uimp) : 8kV
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Power frequency withstand voltage: 3.5kV 1min
IP ratings: Available from IP54 to IP67
Rated short time withstand current (Icw):

Rating (A) STW (kA)
400A 25kA 1sec
630A 40kA 1sec
800A,1000A 50kA 1sec
1250A,1600A 65kA 1sec
2000A 80kA 1sec
2500A to 6300A 100kA 1sec

Physical specifications:
Material of conductors: Electro-tin coated Copper, 99.9%pure, 100% IACS.
Enclosure: Galvanized steel (standard), Aluminium and Stainless steel available upon request.

Enclosure finish: Electro-static spray coated with epoxy-polyester 60microns thickness.
Colour: RAL7032 (Pebble Grey), other colours available on request.
Corrosion resistance: Equipment rated for Severity class A as per IEC60068-2
Insulation: Class-F epoxy compound insulation.

Standards: IEC61439-6:2012, Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies - Part 6: Busbar trunking systems (busways).

Additional features:
Seismic protection: Rated for Zone-4 installations, high seismic qualification level as per IEEE-693.
Fire protection: Type-tested as per IEC61439-6 clause 10.101 and 10.102.
Fire-rating: Fire rated busducts available as per IEC 60331 for upto 750C 3hrs.

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