Henikwon secured Power Plant Project in Malaysia
March 2007, Henikwon has successfully been awarded an RM6.0Mil contract for the 700MW JIMAH Coal Fire Power Plant, both Unit 1 and 2. The plant will comprise two units of 700MW each and will be built on a fast-track schedule with the first unit scheduled to be operational in January 2009 and the second unit in July 2009.

This contract covers the supply of High Voltage (11kV), Medium Voltage AC (1.1kV), Low Voltage DC (595V) and EDG busduct (415V).

The completion of delivery of this project was in February 2008 where all the 18 lines of busduct systems were successfully delivered. The commissioning of Unit 1 of the two stations took place in January 2008 where all tests were carried out with no outstanding issues.